The taste experience in the palm of your hand.

Deliciously diverse: our Landessa Range.

Because tastes are different, our Landessa to-go milk drinks are available in seven varieties.

We just love quality.

The highest standards are important to us. Our production is IFS certified and thus meets the maximum quality requirements.

Unique recipe for complete enjoyment.

Only the best ingredients come in cans and cups at Landessa.

Drinking experience with a clear conscience.

Environmentally friendly is better enjoyed: Landessa comes in a cardboard box.

What makes Landessa so unique?

Unlimited taste, Austrian quality.

Excellent ingredients, finely seasoned.

Enjoyment with top marks.

Naturally sustainable.

Deliciously diverse: our Landessa Range.

Landessa stands for natural taste - preservatives and artificial flavor enhancers have no place in our products. Six aromatic iced coffees and a deliciously creamy cocoa are part of the Landessa range. More about the individual Landessa products can be found here.

We love quality.

The highest production and quality standards are a matter of course for us. All of our Landessa iced coffees and cocoa are IFS and Halal-certified. In addition, the beverages are thoroughly checked and checked on an ongoing basis - during and after production. Every Landessa drink that leaves our house meets the highest standards. And most importantly: the incomparably creamy Landessa taste.

Unique recipe for complete enjoyment.

Our roots are in the Styrian Ennstal, in the heart of the Austrian Alps. This is where we produce our products and from there we also get our fresh alpine milk. The fresh spring water that we use for our products also comes from nature. The heart of our iced coffees are carefully selected Arabica beans, which give our drinks their fine aroma. All of these ingredients are combined in our Landessa pleasure formula.

Drinking experience with a clear conscience.

As a technology pioneer, careful use of our resources is particularly important to us. The CartoCan offers all the advantages of sustainable packaging. It consists of 70% FSC-certified cardboard and has the lowest ecological footprint compared to aluminum and PET. In addition, it can be recycled and is pleasant to drink.

Fresh taste anytime.

To ensure that the first-class taste and valuable ingredients of our milk are retained until consumption, we rely on the most modern production technologies. Thanks to the aseptic filling, our Landessa milk drinks can be kept for between 9 and 12 months at room temperature. This saves resources and makes logistics easier.

It speaks wonders for Landessa.

Delicious and precious inside. Perfectly shaped and handy on the outside. Our Landessa milk drinks are on everyone's lips.


We leave no desire or question unanswered.

We have summarized the most frequently asked questions about Landessa for you here. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us directly.

Landessa is available in seven varieties, some in a cup and some in a CartoCan. The most popular varieties are available in both packaging variants.

  • NEW: Landessa Caffé Latte and Capuccino LOWER SUGAR
  • Landessa Oat in a practical to-go cup
  • Landessa Macchiato in a practical to-go cup
  • Landessa Capuccino available in cups and in the CartoCan
  • Landessa Café Latte in the environmentally friendly CartoCan
  • Landessa Espresso in a practical to-go cup
  • Landessa Decaf in a practical to-go cup
  • Landessa Vanilla available in a cup and in the CartoCan
  • Landessa cocoa available in cups and in the CartoCan

We are always open to new trends and tastes. Together with our customers from all over the world, we are constantly expanding the range. We are also currently working on new products. What that will be remains a secret for the time being.

Yes, all of the milk that is processed in our Landessa milk drinks comes from Austria. More precisely, from the region in which Ennstal Milch KG is based: Styria in the heart of Austria. The milk is GMO-free and, thanks to the best green pastures, is particularly nutritious and rich in vitamins.

Our Landessa drinks have a fat content of 1.5% and 1.9%.

Today Landessa is at home all over the world and is sold by numerous partners of Ennstal Milch. If you also want to become a Landessa customer, please get in touch with our contact person Bozidar Brtan.

Do you have any questions? Nothing can replace a personal conversation.

Bozidar Brtan
International Sales Manager