The temptation from the Alps.

Every spoon is a pleasure.

Creamy, fresh creations such as curd cheese, quark and yoghurt made from GM-free farmer's mountain-range milk from the Ennstal Alps.

Ready to spread at any time.

The particularly creamy spreads are spread over bread in no time and are ready to eat.

A new level of taste.

The highest demands on all levels of production, from the ingredients to the finished product, are our norm.

Delicious variations of specialties.

Different tastes require a variety of aromatic varieties such as spicy or sweet.

Sweet or sour: a real variety of flavors.

A wonderfully creamy spread pleasure.

Milk in abundance.

We meet every taste.

Milk enjoyment from the Alps.

Our farmers supply us with the best mountain milk. From this we make our creamy products that are a real treat.

An indispensable treat for the palate.

No refrigerator should be without our dips and spreads which are made from the best mountain milk and come in a variety of different flavors. Whether it be natural or with herbs - we have something for everyone in our range.

Refines every meal.

We also offer dressings that enhance your salad. There are no limits to the tastes: Herbs, French or natural, all provide that certain something.

Quality in the finest form.

The valuable milk from our farmers meets the highest standards. You can taste it in our spreads, desserts and dressings.

Have you got a taste for our desserts, spreads or dressings?

Find out why our desserts, spreads and dressings not only speak for themselves, but also fulfill your desires.

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We leave no question unanswered.

Many questions often arise around the subject of desserts, spreads and dressings and the associated services. We have summarized the most common ones for you here in the FAQs.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of desserts and spreads, we offer a versatile and varied portfolio of options. Whether in nature, various fruit varieties or herbs - there are hardly any limits to the taste.

We have a very professional development department that develops the desired product for you according to your ideas.

All of our desserts and spreads are available in organic form.

We meet the highest quality standards. A list of all certificates can be found at: Certificates

We have a wide variety of packaging options in oder to pack your product perfectly. You can find more information under: packaging for desserts and spreads

Do you have anymore questions? We would be happy to answer you personally.

Daniel Tesar, DI (FH)
International Sales Manager