Cult drink: From American classic to Ennstal tradition.

But with cream, please.

Egg Nog. A festival for connoisseurs.

Christmas is also for the stomach.

For the best time of the year.

Small can. Enormous joy.

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Egg Nog is available every year from around October to the beginning of January in food retailers in Austria. There is also an online shop for Egg Nog: Egg Nog - Landmarkt

If you want to purchase Egg Nog in larger quantities and sell it yourself, please contact our sales department:

Egg Nog is a traditional Christmas drink in the USA and Canada and consists essentially of milk, eggs, sugar and whipped cream.

For many decades, Ennstal Milch KG supplied the military bases of the US Army with milk products. This is how the original Egg Nog recipe came to the Ennstal, where it was so well received that it continued to be produced even after the troops had withdrawn. While the original alcohol-free recipe has survived to this day, the filling process has been refined. Egg Nog has been available in the environmentally friendly CartoCan cardboard box for several years.

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