Whistleblower Directive at Landgenossenschaft Ennstal:

The Whistleblower Directive regulates the protection of natural persons who have obtained information about violations in connection with their professional activities or in advance of these activities and report or disclose them.

According to the EU Whistleblower Directive, a whistleblower is someone who reports or shares information on violations of EU law that they find out about through their work. This directive covers not just employees but also former employees, interns, job applicants, contractors, and suppliers.

What is protected and what can be reported?

Violations in areas like:

Public buying, Financial services and markets, Money laundering and terrorist funding prevention, Product and transport safety, Environmental, radiation, and nuclear safety, Safety of food, animals, and public health, Consumer rights, Privacy and data protection, Network and information system security, EU financial interests, Internal market rules

How to report:

Whistleblowers can send reports to this email: hinweisgeber@lge.at.

There’s also a link on the LGE website and its subsidiaries.

Internal reporting process:

The identity of the whistleblower and other persons named in the report must be kept secret. Only certain employees can see the report. The whistleblower will receive a confirmation within 7 days of sending the report. You should be informed within a reasonable period of time, which should not exceed three months, about what will be done next or what has already been done.

Stainach, January 2023