Persistently convincing.

Sustainability is a matter of course for us.

The CartoCan consists of over 70% certified, renewable wood.

An eye-catcher:

not only visually, but also haptically. The feel and shape give the CartoCan the wow factor.

Long shelf life - no problem for the CartoCan.

The combined power of technology and packaging are the building blocks for this.

Safe in all points.

State-of-the-art technology meets the highest quality requirements.

Small footprint, big benefits.

This is CartoCan®.

Sustainability wonderfully packaged.

Enjoyment in a can.

Packaging on a new level.

Incredible feel.

We are an alternative: to aluminum and PET.

Wood is the basic building block for CartoCan. This consists of over 70% renewable, certified wood. The environment really likes that: the CO2 emissions are much lower compared to other packaging.

Unique in Europe - more wow at the POS.

The feel of the CartoCan gives it that certain something. It is actually a classic can, but the special shape and the special material make the CartoCan an eye-catcher at the POS. In the middle of the Styrian Ennstal are the only bottling plants in Europe that produce this extraordinary packaging.

Long lasting pleasure.

A special packaging paired with the most modern technology are the building blocks for the long shelf life of the products. Even when the temperatures are warmer: Products packed in the CartoCan can be stored for up to 12 months at room temperature.

Simply harmless, of high quality.

State-of-the-art processes and filling technologies meet the highest requirements. Ennstal Milch thus produces harmless taste experiences thanks to completely aseptic filling.

CartoCan® can do more. For you & the environment.

Find out why our packaging not only speaks for itself, but also for your product. Become a fan of CartoCan!

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We leave no wishes or questions unanswered.

Many questions often arise around the topic of CartoCan and the associated services. We have summarized the most common ones for you here in the FAQs.

All liquid drinks that are not carbonated can be filled. These drinks can be milk-based (e.g. iced coffee, cocoa), fruit-based (e.g. fruit juices, smoothies), water-based (e.g. iced tea) or an alternative basis (e.g. oats, Coconut milk). Here is an overview on our technologies, packagings and processes. 

The CartoCan® consists of approx. 70% FSC-certified cardboard. The other components are various plastics and aluminum.

The CartoCan is classified as a beverage carton in most European countries and must be disposed of in accordance with the requirements in the respective country.

We can offer various options for outer packaging, each in a 12-piece cardboard box or in a 24-piece cup.

The CartoCan is classified as a beverage carton in most European countries and therefore the packaging is not subject to a deposit.

We offer 2 formats for our CartoCan: 135-150 ml and 235-250 ml. The filling volume always depends on the viscosity of the product.

Do you have anymore questions? We would be happy to answer you personally.

Daniel Tesar, DI (FH)
International Sales Manager