Sustainably convincing.

Sustainability is a matter of course for us.

The CartoCan® consists of over 70% certified, renewable wood.

POS - Everything except ordinary. 

As the only manufacturer in Europe, we offer an eye-catcher with CartoCan® that makes sustainability tangible.

Logistics - simple and straightforward.

Non-refrigerated transport, high stability and easy handling speak for itself.

Durability - reliably long-lasting.

Whether energy drinks, smoothies or mixed coffee and milk drinks: the CartoCan® promises the highest quality for a long time.

Small footprint, big benefits.

Small details, big advantages: The can made from cardboard.

Sustainability, uniquely packaged.

Enjoyment in a practical format.

Green packaging rethought.

Haptics, noticeably different.

Environmentally thought out, Sustainably made.

Wood is the basis for CartoCan®. Because this unique can consists of over 70 % of the renewable raw material. And that's not all: we go one step further and use only FSC certified paper for the production.

Compared to packaging such as PET, aluminium or glass, CartoCan® has the better eco-balance.

Strikingly different, noticeably sustainable.

An endless string of PET bottles and colourful, conventional cans - customers can lose track of them all. This is where the CartoCan® has a big advantage: it stands out from the crowd. Flexible in design, the most convincing thing above all else is the feeling and the touch. The special shape and material make it almost impossible not to take the CartoCan® in your hand. A real eye-catcher at the POS thanks to unique packaging.

Problem-free Storage, endless Enjoyment.

Sustainable packaging is the perfect choice for all non-carbonated drinks. State-of-the-art processes combined with the latest technology make it possible. Due to aseptic filling and the sophisticated construction of the cardboard can, drinks can be stored for up to 12 months without refrigeration - i.e. at room temperature. Without losing taste or quality. Filled in a 150 ml or 250 ml format, there is certainly something for everyone.

Easy to transport, logically designed.

The CartoCan® impresses with optimal handling in logistics. The cardboard can is non-breakable, compactly packed in a 12-piece carton or a 24-piece cup and therefore easy to stack. In addition, drinks can be transported in the CartoCan® without being refrigerated. This means less time pressure, lower costs and reduced storage and transport effort - even for customers further away.

CartoCan® can. More for you. More for the environment.

Why you should choose our unique, sustainable packaging? Because the cardboard can not only speaks for itself, but also for your product. Let's make the world a little better together.

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Ennstal Milch - we don't wrap you up, we pack just as you wish!

We are not just a contract filler. Together with you, we develop your product and offer the appropriate packaging. What qualifies us to do this? Years of country-specific experience with regard to taste preferences, type of packaging and knowledge of the requirements of different markets. We also offer the highest quality in standards.


We leave no wishes or questions unanswered.

Many questions often arise around the topic of CartoCan and the associated services. We have summarized the most common ones for you here in the FAQs.

All liquid drinks that are not carbonated can be filled. These drinks can be milk-based (e.g. iced coffee, cocoa), fruit-based (e.g. fruit juices, smoothies), water-based (e.g. iced tea) or an alternative basis (e.g. oats, Coconut milk). Here is an overview on our technologies, packagings and processes. 

The CartoCan® consists of approx. 70% FSC-certified cardboard. The other components are various plastics and aluminum.

The CartoCan is classified as a beverage carton in most European countries and must be disposed of in accordance with the requirements in the respective country.

We can offer various options for outer packaging, each in a 12-piece cardboard box or in a 24-piece cup.

The CartoCan is classified as a beverage carton in most European countries and therefore the packaging is not subject to a deposit.

We offer 2 formats for our CartoCan: 135-150 ml and 235-250 ml. The filling volume always depends on the viscosity of the product.

Do you have anymore questions? We would be happy to answer you personally.

Daniel Tesar, DI (FH)
International Sales Manager