Pleasure knows many types.

Our classics.

Fresh milk and aromatic Arabica beans – our classic Cappuccino, Espresso, Latte Macchiato and Caffe Latte meet the international taste.

Our Specialities.

A sensual taste experience: the best fresh alpine milk and fragrant coffee with that extra something. Vanilla and Decaf flatter the special taste.

Landessa Kakao – a class of ist own.

Not only for young gourmets. Our cocoa makes you enjoy every little break.

Landessa Oat - the plant-based delight. 

Landessa Oat is dairy-free, yet full of aromatic taste. 


Cool drinks for hot days.

Dessert, refreshment, pick-me-up.

Made in Austria.

The agony of choice.

Landessa Latte Macchiato

So creamy, so light. The best skimmed milk meets aromatic Arabica beans - together they provide sensual drinking pleasure for between meals. The fresh Alpine milk comes from happy cows in the region and combines valuable ingredients and a rich taste - with the lowest possible fat content. Full enjoyment without remorse.

Landessa Cappuccino

A sensual taste experience: the best fresh Alpine milk and fragrant coffee refined with a pinch of cocoa. A recipe for true connoisseurs. The Arabica beans develop their incomparable aroma in the fresh skimmed milk and form an irresistible symbiosis with the cocoa. Every sip is a time-out. Our cappuccino is available in practical cups and the environmentally friendly CartoCan.

Landessa Espresso

Get the best out of the Arabica bean - Landessa Espresso is a refreshing pick-me-up that is not short on flavor. A dash of skimmed milk and cream perfectly round off the strong coffee aroma. A full-bodied wake-up call for all the senses.

Landessa Caffe Latte

Fresh whole milk and the finest notes of Arabica beans - a poem of an iced coffee for all those who love it creamy and full-bodied. The Landessa Caffe Latte is not stingy with its charms and outdoes itself in terms of creaminess and elegance. The finest coffee and the best fresh Alpine milk in harmony for perfect enjoyment.

Landessa Decaf

Full coffee flavor without caffeine - taste plays first fiddle here. Landessa Decaf is the first choice for anyone who loves the taste of coffee and doesn't need a pick-me-up. Experience perfect coffee enjoyment and creamy, fresh Alpine milk at any time of day or night - without any caffeine. Because only enjoyment cou

Landessa Vanilla

Aromatic Arabica beans, creamy milk and a hint of vanilla - Landessa Vanilla will make you go into raptures.  An iced coffee like a dessert that not only flatters the palate, but also the soul and comes across as completely carefree. No wonder Vanilla is one of the most popular varieties and is therefore available in cups and CartoCans!

Landessa Cocoa

Not just for little connoisseurs - Landessa Kakao is the chocolatey temptation for in-between meals. The finest cocoa beans in full-bodied, fresh Alpine milk ensure enjoyable moments at school, at work or on the go. Available in a practical mug or the sustainable CartoCan, our cocoa is always fresh and ready to drink!

Landessa Oat

Our aromatic and refreshing newcomer Landessa Oat is in no way inferior to its iced coffee counterparts when it comes to taste and yet does not require any milk. Oats make it possible and .... delicious! The vegan treat is available in a practical to-go cup. 

Landessa Cardamom

Our aromatic and refreshing new addition comes in the usual Landessa premium quality with a touch of cardamom. The finest coffee and the best fresh Alpine milk in harmony with cardamom for a taste from 1001 nights. Available in a practical to-go cup, Landessa Cardamom ensures oriental enjoyment. 

We leave no wishes or questions unanswered.

If you have any questions about our Landessa varieties, you will find the answers here:

Landessa is available in seven varieties, some in a cup and some in a CartoCan. The most popular varieties are available in both packaging variants.

  • Landessa Macchiato in a practical to-go cup
  • Landessa Capuccino available in cups and in the CartoCan
  • Landessa Café Latte in the environmentally friendly CartoCan
  • Landessa espresso in a practical to-go cup
  • Landessa Decaf in a practical to-go cup
  • Landessa Vanilla available in a cup and in the CartoCan
  • Landessa cocoa available in cups and in the CartoCan

We are always open to new trends and tastes. Together with our customers from all over the world, we are constantly expanding the range. We are also currently working on new products. What that will be remains a secret for the time being.

Yes, all of the milk that is processed in our Landessa milk drinks comes from Austria. More precisely, from the region in which Ennstal Milch KG is based: Styria in the heart of Austria. The milk is GMO-free and, thanks to the best green pastures, is particularly nutritious and rich in vitamins.

Our Landessa drinks have a fat content of 1.5% and 1.9%.

Today Landessa is at home all over the world and is sold by numerous partners of Ennstal Milch. If you also want to become a Landessa customer, please get in touch with our contact person Bozidar Brtan.

Yes, our latest Landessa drink, Landessa Oat, is dairy free and - as its name says - oat-based. 

Do you have any questions? Nothing can replace a personal conversation.

Bozidar Brtan
International Sales Manager