Tastefully packaged.

An abundance of shapes.

Our cup variants.

Perfectly portioned.

We have the right size for everyone.

Opening made easy.

With the practical lid you don't have to eat everything at once - but of course you can.

It's not just about size.

A real classic.

For interrupted enjoyment.

A portion of your choice.

The right solution for everything.

Round is good, variation is better: We can fill your spread and dip into a round or square cup.

Diverse and yet unique: our packaging sizes.

Regardless of whether the hunger is big or small: Thanks to the large number of packaging sizes and different types such as natural or with spices, we can also meet all your requirements.

Enjoyment according to your mood.

When the hunger is not so great, our cups can simply be closed again. The spread or dip can be eaten again a few days later without hesitation.

Dip for you - we have the packaging for it.

Find out why our packaging not only speaks for itself, but also for your product. Become a fan of our spreads!

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We leave no wishes or questions unanswered.

Many questions often arise around the topic of spreads and the associated services. We have summarized the most common ones for you here in the FAQs.

Natural and spreads with herbs are always available. Depending on the customer's requirements, however, spreads with other flavors, e.g. B. garlic, are also produced.

At the customer's request, we are also happy to develop a product according to your ideas. Our state-of-the-art development laboratory is happy to create individual and exclusive recipes according to your taste and specifications.

We offer the possibility of mixing up to 3 types in one box. However, single-variety cardboard boxes can also be filled.

Our cups must be disposed of in accordance with the country-specific guidelines for plastic. The paper bands can easily be removed from the cups and disposed of accordingly.

Depending on the recipe and variety, we can offer a shelf life of more than 60 days. This is always tested for new products so that we can always guarantee the best product in terms of taste.