A Taste with experience.

Sumptuous items from the region.

All from within a stone´s throw Ennstal soft cheeses consists of 100% fresh Ennstal alpine milk.

Offering organic products is completely natural for us.

All Ennstaler soft cheese specialties are also available organically.

A cheese from here. Real Ennstaler. Like us.

Just as the ingredients are from the Ennstal, the production takes place exclusively here.

Rich in taste and 100% lactose-free.

Due to the natural ripening, all Ennstaler cheeses are lactose-free.

Pleasure from the Ennstal

So soft, so good. Ennstaler soft cheese

Best milk from the region.

Excellent cheeses.

Organic, logical.


Great pleasure - Within a stone’s throw.

The milk for our Ennstaler soft cheese specialties doesn't have to go far - and you can taste it too! It comes from around 600 dairy farmers in the alpine landscape of the Ennstal only and all within a radius of 50 km. This varied area with its charming contrasts and the great diversity of species characterizes the enjoyment in an incomparable way.

We also offer organic, It’s natural for us.

Thanks to our organic farmers, who make up 1/3 of our milk suppliers, we can also offer all soft cheeses in organic quality, and of course we do! For the well-being of the animals, the environment, the best taste - and out of real conviction. Advantages for all sides.

Real Ennstaler. Like us.

From the milk and the delivery to the processing, refinement and maturation - our specialties are true Ennstalers. Our two cheese dairies in Stainach and Gröbming are among the best in Austria and have received multiple awards for their quality and the unbeatable taste. As the largest soft cheese manufacturer, we know exactly what is important.

Rich in taste, free from lactose.

It is not only important to know what is in our products - but also what is not in them. The natural ripening of our soft cheeses breaks down the lactose in the milk. This means that all of the delicious specialties can also be enjoyed without hesitation by lactose-intolerant cheese lovers.

Vegetarian, however extremely delicious.

We want everyone to enjoy our soft cheeses - even "die-hard" vegetarians. They can do that without hesitation, due to the fact, we replace animal rennet with microbial rennet during the production. This means that nothing stands in the way of enjoying Ennstaler Camembert, wine cheese, etc., even for vegetarians.

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We do not leave wishes. Still unanswered questions?

There are often questions about the Ennstaler soft cheese. So we go out of our way to answer all of your questions. You can find the most important ones here.

The Ennstaler Steirerkas is a traditional skimmed milk cheese that has been a regional specialty of the Ennstal for decades. Formerly produced exclusively on the alpine pastures, this fine blue veined cheese has also been produced by Ennstal Milch KG since the 1980s. Due to its crumbly consistency and spicy taste, it can also be called a kind of blue mold crumble. It is particularly popular because of its intense flavour, its high protein and low fat content, which make it a real superfood. In 2021 the Ennstaler Steirerkas was given the protected status of origin by the EU because of its uniqueness and traditional, regional significance.

The Ennstal soft cheese specialties can only be bought in Austria in the Liezen district. However, the Ennstaler Steirerkas is available from several online shops. Outside of Austria, Ennstal Germany will be happy to provide information about where you can buy fine blue veined cheese: Ennstal Germany, info@ennstaler.de

Gladly - all the detailed information on the Ennstaler soft cheeses can be found here.

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International Sales Manager