Our mission: Value-added progress.

Connected to our roots: We are Ennstal.

All the way from the Ennstal we bring a piece of our home to the world.

Our greatest success factor: the people who work for us.

Every single employee is part of our success story.

Because our earth exists once.

Use precious resources sensibly. It's actually very simple.

Nature sets the pace.

The best products can only come from a respectful and appreciative approach to nature.

A good feeling: food with real values.

Made with foresight, enjoyed with a clear conscience.

Good for cows and humans .

Thinking about tomorrow. 

Regional is wonderful.

Connected to our roots: We are Ennstal.

As an employer for our approx. 300 employees and a partner for our milk suppliers, the Ennstal farmers, we are one of the largest companies in the Ennstal. We feel obliged to the region and produce exclusively at our two locations in Stainach-Pürgg and Gröbming, in which we are continuing to invest. We process 86 mil. kg of milk per year, milk that comes from within a maximum radius of 50 km. In this way we keep the transport routes as short as possible and always of a top quality.

Our greatest success factor: the people who work for us.

As a technology pioneer in the production of food, we are developing each day, in order to meet the needs and wishes of our international customers and to always be one step ahead in the development of new products and packaging. However, we not only invest in our machines and locations, but also in the skills of our employees. Whether in apprenticeship training, trainee programs, adult education or accompanying courses - further development is the catalyst for our success.

Because our earth exists once.

We have set ourselves the goal of producing in harmony with nature and being careful with our resources. It starts on a small scale with the sorting of waste, continues with the e-mobility of our company vehicles, our own water source and sewage treatment plant, the sustainability of our products, right up to the generation of electricity on our own photovoltaic system. We are aware of our responsibility and take it seriously.

Nature sets the pace.

As a dairy and food manufacturer, we process the precious raw material milk, which is produced daily in and with nature. Respect for our farmers and their dairy cows who do this valuable work is part of our self-image. It is clear to us that glyphosate and genetically modified feed have no place in a value-conscious and sustainable value chain. Animal welfare and the natural management of our cultural landscape, are the basic requirements for the best Ennstal milk. More on that topic can be read in our sustainability report. 

That sounds interesting to you?

Discover our Sustainability Report 2020. 


We leave no queries or questions unanswered.

Asking questions is in our nature as well as giving answers. We have compiled the most common ones for you.

Yes, 1/3 of the milk delivered is organic. This gives us one of the highest organic milk shares in Austria. We process these into organic mixed milk drinks, organic cream curds or our popular Ennstaler organic soft cheeses.

Ennstal Milch uses green electricity at both locations in Stainach-Pürgg and Gröbming. While the electricity in Gröbming is generated entirely from hydropower, the Stainach location is operated with a mix of hydropower, wind power and photovoltaics. There is still room for improvement in the area of ​​heating and in the reduction of packaging materials. Here Ennstal Milch is working hard to be even more resource-friendly for the future. Read more on that in our sustainability report. 

Both Ennstal Milch and its milk suppliers value healthy and happy dairy cows. To this end, joint measures were taken to ensure the welfare of the animals and high milk quality. Permanent tethering is prohibited. The dairy cows are either kept in a free stall or in a combination with at least 90 days of exercise and / or pasture. There is a berth for every dairy cow. In addition, external controls are used to check animal health on the farms. Species-appropriate GM-free feeding with mostly self-produced basic feed is a matter of course. The use of glyphosate is prohibited. Purchased feed is from Europe and free from palm oil. In this way, we also contribute to reducing CO2.

The catchment area of ​​the Ennstal Milch stretches almost exactly 50 km around the company location in Stainach and extends in the east from the Paltental to the northwest in Ausseerland and to the west to the border with Salzburg. A total of around 650 farmers deliver their milk to us. The species-appropriate and good keeping of the cows is part of the self-image of our farmers - for the welfare of the animals and also out of self-interest. Because only a healthy and happy animal can provide the best milk. Question 3 (Which guidelines does Ennstal Milch have with regard to animal welfare and animal husbandry?) Answer the requirements of Ennstal Milch regarding animal husbandry.

The proportion of women in Ennstal Milch is around 45%, with an apparent increase in managerial positions in recent years.

Further development is a central theme at Ennstal Milch, for which a generous budget is made available every year. All training courses are subject to a clearly structured process including evaluation. A company is only as good as its employees.

As part of the Ennstal Landgenossenschaft, Ennstal Milch is traditionally a family-friendly company. Through targeted measures and flexible working time models, we also enable those returning to work, as well as young parents or family carers, to continue working. In the summer months, there is also a special holiday care program for children, the LGE KIDS holiday fun. All Ennstal Milch employees have the opportunity to have their children looked after all day. The special thing about it: In addition to sporting and cultural activities, company tours and visits to the parents' workplace are on the program. A highlight for parents and children every year!

Do you have any questions? We are always happy to help.

Bettina Tatzreiter
Environmental Management