We live the handshake quality, we live commitment.

Motivation through appreciation.

Appreciative interaction with one another and communication on an equal footing are the basis for our successful cooperation.

Responsibility for natural resources.

We clearly focus on sustainability and regionality, because nature is still setting the pace for us.

Success through performance.

Innovative systems, well-founded competence and international partnerships secure over 250 jobs.

Continuity through further development.

With us, everyone contributes to the stability of the company through their actions and thereby fulfills our social responsibility.

A workplace for everyone.

Part of something bigger: together for tomorrow.

Appreciative interaction: We maintain communication on an equal footing.

Naturally sustainable. Regional, of course.

Innovation and competence - always one step ahead of the competition.

Motivation through appreciation.

We owe the high quality of our products not least to our committed employees. Together we all contribute to a positive working atmosphere. This starts with communicating on an equal footing, and solidarity with one another and culminates in an appreciative and trusting relationship with one another.

Responsibility for resources.

Our employees and the milk come from the region. It is important for us to treat people, the environment, energy and raw materials with consideration. In this way we contribute to the preservation of our living space and can support and advance our region in the best possible way.

Success through performance.

We act in the present and are one step ahead of our competitors. We secure our future by all of us contributing to sustainable corporate results. We not only focus on innovation and performance, but also on continuous improvement and a pronounced quality and cost awareness.

Continuity through further development.

With us, everyone contributes to the stability of the company through their actions. In doing so, we not only promote a partnership with one another, but also continuous learning. In addition, we always rely on personal responsibility and qualification. This is how we live up to our social responsibility.

A clear course through goals.

We all work hand in hand so that we can achieve the best possible results. We define and communicate clear goals and binding framework conditions. In order to ensure that these goals and framework conditions are achieved, compliance is also monitored. When it comes to implementation, joint design is important in order to ensure the company's success.


We leave no desires or questions unanswered.

Many questions often arise around the topic of philosophy and values. We have summarized the most common ones for you here in the FAQs:

The employee reports the need for training to the supervisor. The supervisor evaluates this and incorporates it into the training plans. The training is then either approved or rejected. If the training is approved, the employee has one year to complete the training. The second option is for the supervisor to suggest the training to his employees.

If it involves training measures specifically for the workplace, such as training to become a fire protection officer, then both the training and the working hours are paid for. For training courses that can also be used privately, such as a Spanish course, the costs are shared between the company and the employee.

Further training will not only help you personally but also professionally, even if it does not necessarily involve advancement. But further training is always linked to job security and often also to an expansion of the area of responsibility.

Although employee satisfaction is a very emotional value, there are of course numbers, data and facts from which employee satisfaction is derived. For example, employee satisfaction can be measured on the basis of employee turn over and on the number of participants at parties and events.

The value of employee satisfaction fluctuates and is also dependent on external and internal factors. For example, the corona pandemic and the associated furlong work have had a massive impact on employee satisfaction.

Yes, working groups consisting of the works council, the company doctor, the department heads, the employees and external parties are formed to actively work on the issues. The values ​​are then measured again to see whether there has been any improvement.

Do you have anymore questions? We would be happy to answer you personally.

Mag. Natascha Lackner-Huber
Head of Human Resources & legal expert