Work is followed by pleasure.

“Fresh for longer” - a little closer to well-being.

For several years now, we have been organizing a wide variety of health projects for our employees in order to optimally compensate for the stresses of shift work and a long day in the office.

LGE Kids holiday fun: Immerse yourself in the world of groceries.

During the holiday season, we offer a holiday program for all parents and grandparents of the Ennstal Landgenossenschaft, in which the children not only experience a wide range of sports and games, but also get to know the workplace of their parents and grandparents.

Employee communication as the basis for an appreciative togetherness.

We organize smaller and larger employee parties at regular intervals, where, in addition to celebrations and get-togethers, employee information is a central component.

Happy employees for a successful company.

The focus is on people.

Our secret of success: We live traditional values.

For us, performance pays off.

Think economically on a large scale. Act socially on a small scale.

We leave no questions unanswered.

Many questions often arise around the topic of employee satisfaction. We have summarized the most common ones for you here in the FAQs.

Although employee satisfaction is a very emotional value, there are of course numbers, data and facts from which employee satisfaction is derived. For example, employee satisfaction can be measured on the basis of employee turn over and on the number of participants at parties and events.

The value of employee satisfaction fluctuates and is also dependent on external and internal factors. For example, the corona pandemic and the associated furlong work have had a massive impact on employee satisfaction.

Yes, working groups consisting of the works council, the company doctor, the department heads, the employees and external parties are formed to actively work on the issues. The values ​​are then measured again to see whether there has been any improvement.

Mag. Natascha Lackner-Huber
Head of Human Resources & legal expert