We implement lifelong learning every day.

Ready to go: training right from the start.

We have competent and comprehensive training concepts in every area to make it easier to get started - you will not be left alone with us.

Continuing education: the foundation for our technological development.

In addition to basic training such as language and IT training, specialty training courses are also available, e. B. the poison procurement license, on the program for our employees every year.

No one is born a master.

But with us you will soon be one. After the apprenticeship, you have the opportunity to complete a master craftsman training program sponsored by us in almost every area.

Our employee development knows no boundaries.

Your potential makes everything possible.

We stretch the educational arc.

The know-how of our employees moves us forward.

Employee development for the world of tomorrow.

We leave no desires or questions unanswered.

Many questions often arise around the topic of employee development. We have summarized the most common ones for you here in the FAQs.

The employee reports the need for training to the supervisor. The supervisor evaluates this and incorporates it into the training plans. The training is then either approved or rejected. If the training is approved, the employee has one year to complete the training. The second option is for the supervisor to suggest the training to his employees.

If it involves training measures specifically for the workplace, such as training to become a fire protection officer, then both the training and the working hours are paid for. For training courses that can also be used privately, such as a Spanish course, the costs are shared between the company and the employee.

Further training will not only help you personally but also professionally, even if it does not necessarily involve advancement. But further training is always linked to job security and often also to an expansion of the area of responsibility.

Mag. Natascha Lackner-Huber
Head of Human Resources & legal expert