Well-known and yet ultra-modern drinking experience.

Packaging with premium status.

Special products should be packaged in a unique way.

Adapts to the content

The different formats optimally protect your product.

Drinking pleasure at any time.

Longer shelf life at room temperature is no problem for the glass bottles.

Every millilitre of the purest quality.

Safe filling thanks to modern technologies meet the highest standards.

Premium packaging for premium beverages.

Glass is the first choice when it comes to packaging. From classic drinking milk to other high-quality products - the glass packaging impresses with its quality and style.

Experience and quality in one package.

We have been producing beverages in glass since the 1950s: thanks to various formats from 250 ml to 750 ml, your product will always be optimally filled and packaged in high quality.

A taste of the future.

Almost unlimited shelf life: the aseptic filling technology and the packaging not only allow storage at room temperature, but also the enjoyment of the products for up to 12 months after purchase.

Enjoy without hesitation.

From (ultra) high heating or sterilization - various filling technologies are guarantees for high quality beverages.

A crystal clear decision.

Find out why our glass bottle speaks not only for itself, but also for your product. Become a fan of our glass bottles!

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We leave no wishes or questions unanswered.

Many questions often arise around the topic of glass and the associated services. We have summarized the most common ones for you here in the FAQs.

All liquid drinks that are not carbonated can be filled. These drinks can be milk-based (e.g. iced coffee, cocoa), fruit-based (e.g. fruit juices, smoothies), water-based (e.g. iced tea) or an alternative basis (e.g. oats, Coconut milk).

At Ennstal Milch, we only use one-way/disposable glasses.

The glass bottle is a disposable glass and must be disposed of in accordance with the regulations in the respective country.

We offer different tray sizes that are tailored to the bottle size.

Since we only use disposable glass, the glass bottle must be exempted from obligations in accordance with the requirements of the respective country of sale.

Do you have anymore questions? We would be happy to answer you personally.

Nicole Berger, BA
International Sales Manager