Things to know


A few interesting facts on the topic of milk that you may not know...

Not only does milk taste good, it is also extremely healthy. But milk is capable of a lot more than most people suspect. Here are some facts about our precious Ennstal milk.

Did you know...

... that all of the milk we process can be officially referred to as mountain farm milk. In addition we have received official authorisation to apply the predicate "Alpine milk" to our milk.

... that a calcium rich meal taken late in the day is extremely good for the bones. It helps counteract nightly bone depletion processes. So a glass of warm milk with honey will not only help you get to sleep, it will also strengthen your bones at the same time - while you sleep!

... that the calcium content of reduced fat and skimmed milk is just as high as in full fat milch? Reducing fat has no effect on calcium content whatsoever.

... that milk is considered to be a foodstuff rather than a beverage due to its high nutrient content?

... that milk contains a plethora of contents that are suitable for use in cosmetic treatments? Lactose, for example, helps maintain skin moisture levels; lactic acid stabilises the skin and vitamin E counteracts the skin ageing process.