Our philosophy


The staff at Ennstal Milch KG produce high value food, of a quality, legality and product safety standard our clients and consumers appreciate.

The quality of our work solidifies our market position and hence the economic success of our company. This, in turn, secures jobs and fulfils the owner’s mandate for the company.

By quality of our work, we mean personal commitment, cost awareness, identification, innovation, a willingness to learn and an openness to new ideas.

Our suppliers support us in this concept of quality and work with us to find joint solutions.

Our concept of quality also includes environmental responsibility and health & safety at the workplace. Actions taken in a crisis are duly documented.

As a manufacturer of high quality food, we are committed to complying with all legal requirements as well as implementing environmentally friendly production methods, and carefully handling all resources.

Mutual motivation and the achievement of common goals is a top priority. All our employees ensure the implementation of our quality assurance policy is observed.

Each employee is responsible for the quality of his or her work, thereby safeguarding the position of Ennstal Milch in the European market.