Ennstaler Steirerkas


Ennstal 'Steirekas' (Styrian Cheese) is the culinary emblem of the Schladming-Dachstein holiday destination.

Our zesty, tangy sour milk cheese with only 0.5% fat originated on the high mountain pastures of the Styrian Ennstal. Having boiled up a batch of low fat sour milk in large copper cauldrons we next sieve off the curds in a linen cloth before pressing out the whey. Next we add salt and pepper to the crumbly cheese mix before pressing it into a new mould. The maturing process takes four weeks during which time the cheese is turned over several.

That's how we at Ennstal Milch make our own "Ennstaler Steirerkas" at the Gröbming cheese dairy. The excellent quality of the raw milch, outstanding know-how in the art of cheese making and the most up-to-date technology form the building blocks for this carefully manufactured cheese. Ennstaler Steirekas tastes fantastic in sandwiches and is also perfect for warm meals like cheese gnocchi or cheesy noodles.

Have you ever wondered how Ennstal Steirerkas is made? Take a peek over the shoulders of our master cheese makers ...

Ennstal Steirerkas can be found in regional grocery stores in the following variants:

125 g cup
230 g cup
Stock 2,2 kg
Bucket 3,3 kg