Organic products


Organic? Naturally!

Ennstal Milch stands for organic products. Fresh mountain lakes, lush alpine meadows, the joy of the animal and to the work of our 300 organic farmers guarantee best organic quality.

The Ennstaler mountain farmers cultivate alpine pastures, fields and meadows close to nature and sustainable so that future generations healthy. These family farms are almost predestined for organic farming. The animals are treated lovingly, get plenty of fresh mountain air, freedom of movement, fresh straw in the stable, non-GM food and spicy herbs and grasses grown on the farm - and you can taste it!

Authenticity, naturalness and warmth are reflected in our organic products. In this quality trust also numerous national and international clients for whom we manufacture a wide variety of products with our tasty organic milk.

Here is a selection of organic products that we have in stock currently:

BioBio Topfencreme
Andechser Ziegencamembert
BioBio Schokopudding
Spar Natur-Pur Biomilch
Biotta Bio-Fruchtsaft
Schweitzer Bio-Kakao
Bio-Botanic Energydrink