Quality since 115 years...

From the very beginning we knew what it would take. We sold together as a co-operative and abided by strict rules: From the very beginning strict rules were implemented for feeding cows in order to ensure the finest quality of produce.

As with any ambitious vision, could a small co-operative of 27 founding members really become an internationally renowned major player?

A history of significant milestones:

: Founding of the Emmentaler dairy in Gröbming

1908: First supply agreements with the Vienna dairy

1922: Construction of the dairy in Stainach

1945: Daily Babymilk deliveries to Vienna

1949: Start of the soft cheese production (blue veined cheese)

1952: Fresh milk production for the U.S. Army and condensed milk production begins

1996: Start of yogurt and dessert production

1999: Beginning of the camembert-production

2000: Entry into salad dressing production

2006: Fully aseptic production of dessert products

2008: Opening of the new dairy in Stainach as well as a fully automated high bay warehouse

2012: Opening of the completely aseptic cartocan-mashine

2016: Opening of the completely aseptic glass-mashine and second aseptic cartocan-mashine

Until autumn 2017: Expansion with 6.700m2 additional production area and 2 new filling mashines