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About Us

To guarantee international success it is indispensable to implement the finest raw ingredients, advanced technology and innovative employees. With the development of innovative products to suit the current consumer trend, we have managed to create the basis for a long-term relationship that is expected to last decades.

Ennstal Milch KG employs 150 people in Gröbming and Stainach, who process the raw ingredients to the high standards to satisfy the requirements of customers. Our state of the art cheeseries and a new dairy provide the flexibility and efficiently that enables us to meet the needs of the European market.


Facts about Ennstal Milch KG

Output capacity: 

75 million kg of milk


€ 66,8 million



Milk suppliers:


We are inextricably linked with the products of our partners, but will remain in the background for any representation of their brands. By ensuring a high standard of quality and a modern control system, in accordance with the International Food Standard and ISO 9002, we guarantee to meet the quality requirements of our partners and clients.